Hospice Medication Services
See what Hospice Pharmacy Care can do for your Hospice!

HPC understands the complexities and urgent needs of hospice care. We recognize that each patient’s condition is unique and can change daily or even hourly. Our pharmacists are experts in pain management, geriatrics, and South Carolina Hospice law to provide the highest level of service.

Hospice Pharmacy Care and Management
A South Carolina Pharmacy Team for Your Hospice

We are a South Carolina company built to serve South Carolina Hospices. We are experts in S.C. Hospice and Pharmacy law to keep your team in compliance with state and federal pharmacy laws!

Hospice Nurses
Save Your Hospice Staff Time and Money

Our system will help improve productivity, save time, money and improve your patient care! How do we do this? Our team takes on a lot of the pharmacy and medication tasks for you!

  • Why choose us?

    1 Hospice Pharmacy Care (HPC) simplifies your medication needs. We customize our services to best fit your hospice's needs. We are able to remove so much of the burden placed on your staff so your patients can correctly adhere to their medication regime....

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  • How it works

    2Hospice Pharmacy Care (HPC) has the same capabilities as larger National Pharmacy Benefits Management company. We are able to offer better medication pricing because we are more efficient and provide better service due to our size and national partners. ...

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  • The Advantages

    3 The advantages of using Hospice Pharmacy Care are simple. We reduce your workload, find medication savings, improve medication adherance, and allows your Hospice staff to focus on what matters - the patient....

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  • How to Start!

    4 It's easy, we do all the work! After we meet and draw up a custom plan for your Hospice we input your current census and schedule an inservice to get your staff familar with using us! We will take care of informing your current PBM...

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