See what Hospice Pharmacy Care can do for your Hospice!

HPC understands the complexities and urgent needs of hospice care. We recognize that each patient’s condition is unique and can change daily or even hourly. Our pharmacists are experts in pain management, geriatrics, and South Carolina Hospice law to provide the highest level of service.
✔ Give Your Patients the Option of Same Day Home Delivered Medications
✔ Answer Medication Questions day or night with our on call Pharmacy Team
✔ Lower Your Medication Costs by Working with a dedicated Pharmacy
✔ Improve Your Formulary and Stay Compliant with our Expert Pharmacists
✔ Give the Option of Compounded and Customized Medications to Your Patients

At Hospice Pharmacy Care (HPC) our pharmacy team is dedicated to providing you and your staff with medication information and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our dedicated Hospice Pharmacy team is committed to working closely with you and your staff.

Hospice Pharmacy Care (HPC) is a South Carolina Pharmacy Benefits Management company that understands the laws and needs of South Carolina Hospices.

hospice pharmacy advantages

✔ Easy to Work With

✔ Great Service

✔ Low Cost

✔ Local

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