Save Your Hospice Staff Time and Money

Our system will help improve productivity, save time, money and improve your patient care!  How do we do this?  Our team takes on pharmacy and medication tasks for your team.  We also work closely with your PBM to make sure you are getting the best priced medication possible.  HPC buys Hospice related medications in bulk to insure your Hospice gets the lowest price possible.

Our services include:

Hospice Pharmacy Team Help

Let Us Do The Work!

Hospice Nurses are busy and tracking down a doctor for a Prescription can be stressful and time consuming.  Our team will track down and make sure your patient has a legal ready to fill prescription.  While we are doing this, the nurse is free to move on and serve their next patient.

Hospice Pharmacy Care (HPC) is proud to offer door to door delivery for our patients in the South Carolina and surrounding areas. Our staff will deliver your medications same day and this service is offered at no charge and is available for all our Hospices.  HPC can also deliver Hospice medications by mail if it is preferred. This is a great service if the patient or caretaker can not be home during our normal delivery hours. All mail is shipped for next day delivery for all our Hospices in South Carolina.  As part of your team, HPC knows the day does not end at 5 p.m..  We offer  24/7 access to our pharmacy for any medication questions.