A South Carolina Pharmacy Team for Your Hospice

We are a South Carolina pharmacy company built to serve South Carolina Hospices.  We are experts in S.C. Hospice and Pharmacy law to keep your team in compliance with state and federal pharmacy laws!

south carolina hospice pharmacy benefit managementHPC is located in S.C. and  has it’s roots in Pharmacy and Hospice. We care about what we do and understand the difficult job Hospice staff has and are proud to work along side you.  HPCs services go well beyond simply managing medication and medication reviews.  Our pharmacy team is here to fill and deliver medications, work along side you in a team setting and help deliver the best possible care to South Carolina Hospice patients.

We want to be your partner in patient care!  HPC is a different kind of hospice pharmacy with a vision to provide the best pharmacy service to your staff and your patients!

Hospice Pharmacy Care Specializes In:

Hospice Pharmacy Care (HPC) is a South Carolina Pharmacy that understands the laws and needs of South Carolina Hospices.  HPC was founded by Pharmacists with family ties to Hospices in South Carolina.  At HPC our pharmacy team is dedicated to providing you, your staff, and patients with medication and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  When you contact our staff, you’ll speak with a dedicated team member right away. Our services are sure to help your staff care for their patients more effectively and efficiently.